Jeanette “Joy” Harris is an artist and writer from Houston, Texas. She is interested in the location where art intersects the world – where it can provide a new lens for understanding the events that connect us outside of the studio, gallery, and museum.

She is currently pursuing her MscR in the history of art at The University of Edinburgh College of Art where her research focuses on participation and performance art. Curious about issues related to urbanism, political processes, and political regimes, Joy contrasts the works of political thinkers and artists in order to develop new ways of unraveling complex political milieus.

Her professional qualifications include 16 years business development and marketing experience for professional services organizations particularly in the construction, architecture, and legal segments. Through this experience, she has become interested in the relationship between art and business and how companies can not only use art practices as part of their business model  but reconsider how the partner with arts organisations.

Joy has shown her art projects in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Miami, Chicago, and Houston.

She has contributed articles to TribTalk, Glasstire, Beautiful Decay, This Is Tomorrow, and Illusion360.